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Whats going on guys,

I have the Gen 5 zx10r, have the low mount Graves exhaust and 2WDW Ecu flash.
Before the flash I was hitting 115-130 ish miles before seeing my fuel light come on.. now AFTER the flash I'm seeing 82-88 miles before the fuel light indicates. This is on a semi aggressive / spirited street rides. I know the Flash is for power and the power seems to be there, feel like the bike wants to throw me off the back end now but I wasn't expecting that much of a drastic drop in MPG. After my rides there is a decent amount of black soot on the inside of the Graves exhaust indicating running rich. If I gas it a wee bit on idle it'll blow out "rich" black smoke.
Any one else experiencing this after their flash? When I get away from the computer today at work I want to call 2WDW and also speak with them on their input. May also go to a local tune shop I heard about after sending my Ecu to 2WDW locally to me and see how much they would charge to hook my Ecu up and seeing how the flash looks to them.. I live in New Jersey where as 2WDW is in Washington state across the country. He assured me the altitude where he tunes and got the maps he uses and puts in to the zx10r is relatively the same as where I am located and the other sensors incorporated into the bike should still be helping the bike to adjust.
Also, the bike feels fast, I have a few great local spots where I can really open it up and get up to speed (I know I should be doing that on the track rather on the road with traffic) BUT I feel as though the bike should be getting up to speed much faster.. took about 1/2 mile to get bike to 175 ish, almost feels like it wont ever get to or over 180, I'm probably just being anal.

Thank you for anything chimed in on the topic! :mrgreen:
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