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I have a 2015 zx10r ABS, about to put an exhaust on it. Im oretty sure that if I put a Akrapovic link pipe on, it's gonna need t be dyno, correct? What if I get a PCV premapped to work with the Akrapovic link pipe, would I still need a dyno? Or would it be good like that? Thanks ahead for all your input!

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are you uk? if so contact rich @ woolich, pm me for his number!

the decat will improve the bike some what, the unknown is your air/fuel ratio, the by product of sorting fueling is POWER!

if you dont want more POWER then leave your cat in place and add your can!

the power commander will help, rule of thumb with pc's is dyno set up, youll still have to deal with the ecu ie:
IAP Fuel Maps
TPS Fuel Maps
Ignition Timing Maps
Ignition Dwell Maps
Secondary Throttle Plate (STP) Opening Maps
Injector Balance Maps
Fuel Trim Maps
Adjust RPM Limiters
Adjust Idle RPM
Adjust Fan Temperature
Intake Flap Opening Maps
Disable Top Speed Limiter
Disable Stock O2 Sensor
Disable Fuel Cut
Disable PAIR Valve
Disable Exhaust Valve
ECU Mode
Edit Traction Control Maps
Retain last Traction Control Setting
Change Traction Control Settings while riding
lower ingear idle
enable QS
pitlane enable
launch control enable

its looking good now?
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