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I bought a 14' zx10r with a r77d 3/4 slipon. Since the o2 sensor is no longer there does or should the bike have ECU reflash and/or bazzaz/pc5?
Also is there anyway to tell if my ECU has been reflashed?
I bought bike used with 109 miles from a car dealer that took it in on a trade so they don't have any info on it?

Gen 4 zx-10 in US didn't came with an O2 sensor. Please have a look to the servo motor too. If it's in place and when you turn the key on it works, so the ecu it's unflashed pretty much at 100%. If the servo it's not in place and nothing is connected (servo buddy o similar) and the FI light is off, so the ecu is flashed. If you have a servo buddy try to disconnect it and watch for the light. On, unflashed (almost sure), OFF flashed ecu (maybe the bike has been flashed to a later stage and the servo buddy has been kept in place but it wasn't needed more).
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