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13'-16' ZX6-R Stator Won't Fit?

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Hey All,

:angryfire: WHAT STATOR IS THIS? :rocketwho

I just bought a salvaged stator, supposedly from a 13 to 16 zx636, which according to all the references I can find, is part# 21003-0107, same as a Gen 4 Stator.

But I doesn't fit. It bolts in but is a few millimeters deeper. When I installed the stator cover, it locked up the engine.

Can the 6R use more than one stator type?
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As you can see, the (wrong) one has a much longer cable, but the connector fits the stock rectifier/regulator.

It's also deeper and has a different cable clamp. Wires are white, with black connector.


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Recommendations on new OEM vs. aftermarket?

Can`t tell you what stator it is, but its probably not OEM for a 636. Looks like the aftermarket copies you find on ebay.
I would go OEM, and also did, but I see some people have had good experience with Ricks. (ricks not ricky)
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