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09 10r Random knock after running perfect

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Hey everyone, I have a 2009 ZX10r with just under 15k miles on it. Has PC5 and a full Muzzy system.

I was cruising home on surface streets the other night, bike was running absolutely perfect. Came up to a light and it just died on me. Tried to push start it a couple times and it wouldn't have it. Ended up getting it jump started with cables and now it has a pretty ugly knock, still seems to run fine though. Some RPM ranges, the knock will go away but I only rode it a couple miles and parked it at my buddy's house in case there is a serious problem.

The oil level and condition are good. Rear of the motor is covered in oil from what I think is the airbox drain, but I don't even know where to start. It's not a high mileage bike and has always run perfectly. Any input is much appreciated!

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Are you the original owner? All the miles put on there by you?

If no to either of those then it's anyone's guess as to how hard the first miles were and if someone was bouncing it off the rev limiter. Oil covering the back of the engine is never a good sign, check the valve cover gasket for a leak as well... pics are helpful over the interwebz.
No, bought the bike wrecked with 9k on it and had to replace the frame and some other parts. The original owner seemed to have taken good care of it. Haven't had time to dig into it yet, my uncle is a master tech at the Kawi dealer over here so I'm gonna have him check it out before I do anything. I will post pics when I start tear-down.
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