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I'm assuming this gearing may work, I'm not hitting the limiter and ran a [email protected] with a 116.58 mid MPH, and a 1.789 60 ft, Only got 3 passes in, so I'm gonna take her up Tues night usually able to get 25 or 30 in, that will tell the tale. Just wanted to say though with the 41 on the back, she would go out every pass at 144 with a 115 mid, the only thing that put her in the 9s was if i ran a low 1.7 60/1.73 or 1.74 ,otherwise she was in the 10.0s with high 1.7s or low 1.8s. For our All Bike Weekend did 69 passes, 12 were 9.90s and 29 were 10.0s The rest were oops. Tks for any input.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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