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Selling my 08 zx10 with 3600 miles on it. $8000 clean title
Marchesini magnesium wheels
World wide ceramic bearings
Galfer free float rotors with ti bolts front and rear
Galfer SS brake lines front and rear
Gutted wiring harness with keyless ignition
Driven clip ons
Vortex rear sets
Power commander 5 solo unit dyno tuned
520 conversion DID ERV chain w a bunch of sprockets
Qs4 USB (quick shifter)
Woodcraft engine covers both sides
Akrapovic headers with hindle slip on LOR can
Evo tech hanger
Penske rear shock (I also have a ttx rear)
Ohlins front forks 20 mm piston rebuild new valving ect. I'll get spring rate when available. ( I also have 30mm drop ins)
Attack triple clamps 3mm off set (the attack come off my race bike)
Woolich ecu flash
Brembo rcs 19
Attack racing fairings it comes with an SS 2 Sbk and oem tails
Servo buddy
Heavy duty clutch springs
Zg windscreen
Cox rad guard
Sv lap timer
Am clutch lever and perch
HRC reservoir delete
Gutted throttle bodies servo removed and holes plugged and polished ill put the oem ones on to show no FI light unless you want me to leave it on
BMC filter all short stacks
Block offs
Rifle mans throttle insert
As far as tires I have a few sets I just put my q3s on the marchesinis for road use. I have some pirelli and Dunlop track tires that I could let go at an additional cost.
(Also have a yoyodyne subframe)
I have a good friend of mine coming to buy my 2010 zx10 this week. So the list of spares may increase or decrease but as of right now I will include the following.

Kwai kit cams
Extra Linkage rods
Thin gasket hg size .50
Oem master
Oem triples
Extra cables throttle clutch
Spare ecus
Spare fairings
Healtech tre
Spare frame sliders and spools
Spare exhausts hindle
And a few more things

If you see the words (I also have ) that means the items do not come with the bike but I will sell at a discounted price if you take them with you

Items for sale
ohlins ttx rear
Yoyodyne subframe
30mm drop ins sprung for 170lbs you will need to refresh them probably
Oem rims no rotors or bearings or Cush

The bike has been down on both sides but everything has been repaired; and no it doesn't have any frame damage. The fairings may need repainted if your looking for a perfect finish, but then your probably looking at the wrong bike if that's your thing IMO.

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Snap! Thats a SWEEET track set up! GLWS. You givin up on the track or just moving on to something else?

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I added 2 more shitty photos with the street tires that come with the bike,
they seem to be the only 2 I have at the moment.

I keep my bikes in an indoor storage facility that closes early on the weekends. I'll try to grab some better pictures Monday if I can free up some time. (i could have sworn I had more pictures :BangHead:

Snap! Thats a SWEEET track set up! GLWS. You givin up on the track or just moving on to something else?
Just don't have the time or support to race anymore and have way to many bikes.

For now I'm going to hold onto my R1 and pick up a gen 4 sometime in the future.

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Would like price front wheel and rear shock?

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Pm sent, I Sold some of the spares :(. The bike is about to get ebayed and parted out though. :thumbsup: . I seem to have better luck on eBay than the net now days.
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