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Finally decided to start playing around with the rebound adjusters (front and rear) a little the other day...never touched them since new. Didn't even count where they were at as I had planned to just put them at five and go from there. Almost seemed like one of the fronts was at a different position than the other (bought bike off showroom floor) but again I didn't count.

Took my hands off the bars a couple days later and it doesn't pull anymore. I actually went left because I was already compensating. Thought maybe it was a funny road so I tried it again later and still no pull. I've played with the rear wheel alignment in the past with no change in pull and I haven't changed anything in months. Doesn't feel any different at all while riding normally but it is nice not to have a bike that pulls right.

I don't really see how that could have changed anything:dontknow:... but what the hell I'm happy so I thought I'd throw it out there.

I was out in the garage with a bottle of captain cleaning it until 3AM so maybe the extra love did it.
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