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07 ZX10R full Track Package!

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*****PRICE DROP***** $3500 CASH TAKES EVERYTHING! (bike and all spares)

Ok folks. I hate to do it, but I will be taking a few years off from riding until my youngest gets out of daycare. With that being said, my bike is up for sale.

2007 ZX-10R clean AL title in hand
23777 miles
GP Suspension 25 ml carts in forks sprung for 230-240 lb
JRI Streetfighter shock sprung for 230-240 lb
PCIII with custom tune by Marietta Motorsports
Dano Performance QS (bike is GP shift)
Woodcraft Rearsets
Woodcraft Framesliders (one side has base only. The puck and it's mount came off on track. These are available from Woodcraft)
Healtech Gear Indicator with ATRE
2 Bros M-2 slip ons
Cat eliminator
K&N Air Filter (freshly cleaned and oiled)
New NGK Iridium plugs
Driven Chain and Sprockets -1/0
MotoD Front ad Rear Tire Stands
Bike Cover
Price $3500

Chrome Wheels with rotors and rains
Vortex Clip Ons NIB
Stock Lights
dented tank (no leaks)
DMP Tire Warmers
Canyon Dancer
Price+Bike= $4000

Email is best

henryaustin82 at gmail


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Interested in some more info. Looking for a stock red 07 zx10. Says you have the lights (all?), what about fairings and wheels? Mirrors? What other stock pieces would I be looking for to convert? Thanks.

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Hey man. I have some street fairings, but they aren't on good shape. Basically, you'd want to get some bodywork and mirrors. I have two sets of wheels. The green ones shown and some chrome ones. Both sets have rotors. You'd need a kickstand as well. I may have one laying around. I'll check. As for lights. Yes I have all.

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Tank is stock right? Any damage or significant scratches?

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Yes the tank is stock. It has a small scratch on one side. Nothing big at all. I'll take close pics of it and a pic of the tank when I get home this evening.

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Those are from both sides and the top of the tank. That scratch is on rider's left. You can tell by the lettering on the tank that it's not large at all. Anything else you want to know, let me know. Thanks.

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Thanks for the pictures. How long have you had it? How many miles have you put on it and how many track days?

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No problem. I've had her since 8k miles (2012). She had 17 on her before she ever touched the track. Shes been track only for probably the last 4k.

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She's been bullet proof. No mechanical issues and well maintained.

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Trailer is sold. Dropping the price on the rest (bike + extras) to $3500 CASH firm. Turn key track package with full oem wiring harness and clean title, so can be turned back to street!!!
OMG, That's crazy Cheap!!!!! :surprise:
I'm shocked someone hasn't snagged that thing yet. If I had a little more on hand, I would. :crying: Great freaking deal! :bling:
generator included at asking price
Pm sent

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