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07 ZX-6R Calipers/Master Cylinder Value?

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I got a pretty good deal (I think) on an entire 07 ZX-6 Front-end. It came with the forks, axle, calipers, lines, clip-ons, and master cylinder. I plan on running the forks on my stunt bike, my 08 zx-10 calipers on the stunt bike, and put the zx6 calipers on my zx10, not too sure what I'm gonna do with the master cylinder yet. I really just want to know what the calipers and master normally go for, just so I can evaluate whether I got a good deal or not. :thumbsup:
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i was under the impression that the 3rd gen calipers would not fit other gens. I may be mistaken, and I am sure that I will be corrected. I also thought that the 3rd gen calipers were good.

As far as value, $60 -$100 for the calipers and another $30-$60 for the master.
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