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Hey Guys,
Had the week off uni so decided to do a service on my 07 10r.
So far i've managed to change the spark plugs with the proper NGK CR... ones (without iridium) and plug the cords back in all fine.
Put the tank back on.
Then went to change the coolant and managed to drain the coolant via the lowest drain plug (below and to the right of reserve tank) however the higher one that sits to the left of the reserve would'nt move and started to burr it so I left it.
Measured the amount I took out, put the new stuff back in.
Manual said to start it without cap, wait for bubbles and then refil.
However when I started it, after 15 secs I noticed a faint smell of heat/smoke
Looked down at the exhaust pipes where they enter the housing and it seems it was coming from them.
After further trial/error it seems its rising from one pipe individually.
Its a real clear, whitish smoke and has a faintish smell of smoke.
I revved the engine a bit and noticed the exhaust's where spitting fuel (presume its fuel) out of the back.
Didnt care to keep doing it so shut it down and here I am.
Ive decided to take off everything again and double check the plugs, but before I do that any tips?
I used cooland with distilled water, and topped it up (100mls or so) with just distilled.
Reserve looks good.
The coolant did go down after a run or two, so filled it back up.
Sounds like all cyclinders are firing.
Has sat on the side-stand for a week.

Side-note. I took the secondary butterflies out and the previous owner made the OEM pipes straight through, with no remapping or power commander.
Can it just be running way to rich and its spitting and leaking fuel?
Haven't changed the oil yet also.
Thanks guys

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Well i cant be 100% sure, but the smoke i would guess is just a little coolant that managed to get on the exhaust. It usually burns white. As for the liquid coming out of the exhuast, depending on humidity your exhaust can develope condensation while it sits, and them blow it out the pipe when you start it. Run the bike for a good five minutes and see if the smoke and the liquid go away! And :welcome:

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i would let it run to temperature and then see what the story is. it definitely could be all coolant related. is the smoke sweet smelling at all?

did you touch the "fuel" coming out, and confirm by smell and touch that it is raw gas?

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The proper plugs ARE iridium... If you put the wrong kind of plugs e.g. shorter, you will have issues. I know for sure the new NGK Iridium IX won't work, the bike is bogginf like hell.... They were also 1mm shorter.

Also why you used coolant and distilled water?

Correct spark plug is NGK CR9EIA-9

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Pulled it all apart and put the secondary butterflies back in, and rescrewed the spark plug that corresponded with the pipe smoking.
All back together and its up and running.
Weird but happy now.
Thanks guys.
P.S. How hard is it to change the brake pads?
Worth the safety of handing it to a shop or can anyone with a few tools achieve this?
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