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Ok i am going to make the following changes to my 06 ZX10R;

1. 16t front 41t rear sprocket
2. Speedo Healer
3. 1/5th throttle mod (if i can find one in the UK)
4. 190/50 rear tyre

According to the speedo healer website the 06 ZX10R needs the Universal harness, so can anyone give me full walk through of how to fit it (colour wires and locations etc).

Sorry if its been asked before, couldnt find any info on search.

The bitter limey

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The 06 fitment is different to the 04/05.:headshake

The connector location is the same as the 05/06 ZX-6R, i.e. upper right hand side of engine under the fuel tank. (fitting instructions are at speedohealer web site).

I know this because I bought a speedohealer and couldn’t find the connectors.

You need to purchase the Universal Kawasaki connector kit, and it will require splicing cables.

Email received:

The new ZX10R has a different speed sensor design, unfortunately, so our Kawasaki harness can not be fitted, only the Universal harness works. This information is mentioned on our web: http://www.speedohealer.com/eng/order.htm
but some dealers are not aware of this because the 06 model is so new.

If you'd like to proceed with the installation:
You can convert your plug-n-go harness to Universal by cutting off the 3p plugs above the black sleeve. Then use the following guide to make the connections. It is for the ZX6R but is applicable for the ZX10R as well: http://www.speedohealer.com/your_pics/zx6r_05/tutorial.htm

I haven’t fitted mine yet……..:headshake :rolleyes:

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byebyebusa said:
wait a month or two, the 06 adaptor will come, yes it will..
not according to SpeedoHealer.

As for the how-to on the 06 using the universal "splice into your brandy new bike harness" version, Speedohealer directed me to the directions posted on their site for the 05 ZX6 as being the most on-point. I have posted a portion of thier email back to me previously on here, but here it is in its entirety, including the link to the step by step. In any event, I have the universal unit arriving at home any day now, so I can post some install advice once I do it:

Hello Jack,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any supplier for the speed sensor coupler
the new ZX10R has. Probably we won't be able to offer plug-n-go for this
bike in this year.

Installing the Universal harness is simple and can be done neatly in about
30 mins if you are comfortable with soldering.
The Universal harness kit comes with a jumper-plug with which you can
restore the original speedo function when the SH box is removed. I.e. there
is no need to uninstall the SH harness even if you sell the bike and want to
take the SH out.

Here is an install guide that is applicable for the new ZX10R as well:

Hope this helps, and please feel free to contact us again.

with Kind Regards,

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TraumaOne said:
Did you get a chance to install the speedohealer on the '06 yet? I'm ordering one from Cal-Sportbike... Thanks!
yes, I did, and I am sitting on another members request for some play by play - let me get the digi camera out and come up with some helpful guidance.

order the universal version . . . . . .
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