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Hey guys,

I am getting a new job and have to relocate so I am putting my bike up for sale. I have it priced to move, and it is a great deal!
The has 39,400 miles on it, and has been well maintained by myself. I never stunted it, and only used it to commute for school.
This model year is one of the best built with low weight and high horsepower. This is the only generation that also has dual exhaust under the rear seat.

It is a black 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10r. The title is clean.
Damage is only cosmetic due to a low speed slide. Bike is fully stable and rides straight.

Overall condition of the bike is great, it runs smooth, and everything works.
The right mirror is broken, but I have the replacement to give you(very easy to change with a socket wrench).
The rear brake pads are due for replacement.
The right side foot rest chipped, so it may need replacement. However, there is still enough to comfortably place your foot down.


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