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I've Been comtemplating asking this a while now...

What does your owners manual say for standard rebound and compression damping front and back?

I got my bike second hand, it didn't come with an owners manual. A mate has an 06, so I copied his.

The owners manual settings are as follows...

Front: Rebound, 3 clicks out. Compression, 4 clicks out.
Rear: Rebound, 1.25 turns out. Compression, 2 turns out.

According to the workshop manual, totally different.

Front: Rebound, 10 clicks out. Comp, 10 clicks out.
Rear: Rebound, 2 turns. Comp, 4 turns.

So, with that, I was wondering what your owners manuals say?

I've based mine on general net research and found to be similar to the workshop manual...

I just thought I'd ask since we have had a few headshake threads of late... Maybe guys are using the stiff settings or buying bikes set up that way...

Note, I've not worried about preload because that should be set seperately anyway...


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