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05 zx10r temp jumping everywhere

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Ok guys not new to bikes but first kawi. I've searched and searched for a answer to my issue. Bought this first gen about 4 months ago and been rebuilding it. Anyways issue is my temp is jumping like crazy. Be 170 then jump to 210 back to 180 up to 215. Just throwing that as example. I've dumped and flushed coolant three times now. Tested the thermostat it's fine replaced coolant hoses etc etc. burped the system like said in threads and manual. Can't get this issue fixed. Installed manual fan switch that doesn't help much. Mods are akra slip on sec flies removed pair mod. Crankcase vented to atmosphere. Bmc race filter. Bazzaz zfi and zafm. Rifleman 1/5 throttle. Replaced spark plugs on it as well oil is fresh. Can't think of anything else off top of my head.
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sounds like a bad connection/ loose wire from the sensor. Try dielectric grease.
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So check the water temp sensor connection. Anything else to look for?
Harness connection to the ECU also....etc, etc
Harness connection to the ECU also....etc, etc
Gotcha ok will do! I'll check all that out after work. Will check back up with updates
All electrical checks to be fine according to taken them apart and cleaning the connectors and checking to make sure connections are good. One thing I noticed if I just let it idle it will warm up slowly and stay at good temp soon as I hit the throttle the temp will shoot up
are you 100% sure it's full of coolant?

i had a similar issue and it was low coolant
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