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So here's the deal,..my 05' ZX10 has about 10,300 miles on it. I primarily use it to just run around on but have taken it to the track 3 times. The last time there it started doing what it still is. It basically out of nowhere starts almost "bucking" like its choking out...and then it will just stop and be good. Then sometimes, I'll grab the clutch, drop it down to 1st like if Im coming to a stop,..and it will just die. Ill restart it and sometimes it's fine and other times it'll "shutter" a little bit and then kinda smooth out.
I took it to my mech and he thought it was the kickstand sensor shorting out so he bypassed it. We thought it fixed it but about 25 miles later,...it started acting up again.
I kinda think it seems like a fuel/fuel pump issue but my mech was saying usually if the go,..you just cant start it. And the fact that the symptoms just happen randomly,. it makes it hard to tell whats up. It doesn't matter what speed, what RPM, or what the engine temperature is, it just starts acting up randomly. I'm taking it back into the shop tomorrow but any ideas as to what it may be or anyone that has delt with something similar and has any type of guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you..

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If it sometimes just die off or surge like hell, I'd suggest its the fuel pump.
Since the fuel pump is bad, it could be flooding like crazy and messing your plugs, so check them as well. If all symptoms persist and you just cant seem to find it, try borrowing a KDS and start from there.
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