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I've just bought a 2004/5 zx10r but unfortunatly its got the oem headers down to a cheep aftermarket link and can, i'm thinking it had a system and he's sold it separately because its running really rich. With the powercommander and quick shifter its got to have been dynoed and setup for something else. Obviously this needs sorting.

Anyway I really like the look and sound of the Scorpion Serket Taper carpon exhaust but its not offered for this model but is for the 08. What i'm asking is does anyone know that best way to get this to fit? Is there any compatability with the end pipes, are the angles the same? Would it just fit with a link pipe on the oem downpipes as I hear they work well or do I need to chage the whole system?
If i need to change the whole system how should I go about this? Will the Serket Taper fit on the scorpion downpipes for this model?

Or is this just a bad idea from the start and i should look elsewhere? If so what do you guys recommend?

Regards. M.A
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