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04 zx10 electrical issue

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Hey everyone I'm new to the fam I just bought an 04 zx10. I previously owned a zx6 and am happy with the switch. After I bought the bike I road it that weekend and it ran perfect but after about 4 hours I shut it off to get gas and it wouldn't start back up . The bike cranks but wont fire.... it eventually started later that day and I rode for the rest of the day without and issue. I took it out last weekend and it shut of on me mid ride and wouldn't start back up. Like I said before the bike cranks but wont fire The fuel pump primes I checked the vehicle down sensor and that also seems to be fine I checked all my wire harnesses and grounds and they all seem to be fine as well the bike wont start with the clutch in or out so I know the side stand sensor is ok. The bike does have a lot of after market wiring for hid's but all the wires seem to be fine and when I wiggle them all and try to start it the bike still wont fire but cracks like normal. I'm at a dead end and can't think of anything else. Anyone have a similar issue or have any suggestions????? My bike is completely apart top to bottom trying to figure this out anything you guys could suggest will be appreciated thanks....
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You cant test wiring by "jiggling" it... get an multimeter meter and start checking stuff. Thats the only way to do it.
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