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Yeah, yeah, I know get rid of the stock shock altogether......

But for those of you that have taken the time to reset your sags front and rear, if anyone weighs 170lbs and has set the rear spring pre-load what was the spring length that you settled on??

I got approx. 7.125" with a tape measure and one eye squinting to see it :)

The stock pre-load must be set for the possibility of two up riding as it was set way tight!!!

What fork tube extension do you guys run, right now I just raised it 5mm from the top of the fork cap to the triple clamp top? My fork pre-load has been set at 12mm from the top of the pre-load adjuster nut to the top of the triple, I think that is about 4 lines if I remember correctly....

(New to the 10R, not to Kawasaki!!)

Any comments, tricks, tips, from more familiar guys on the 'gen one' would be appreciated.

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