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zx6 vs zx10

  1. Gen 1: 2004-2005 2006 zx6r and zx10r tail fairing differences?

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    im sure you all have heard it a thousand times, but will a 04 zx6 and zx10 tail fairings interchange? I have a zx10 and want a zx6 tail. was wondering if I could use 10r subframe or would I have to change it also? I hear they work, I hear they don't. im kinda new to the sport bike scene and I...
  2. scared to ride your bike?

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    I would like to start by saying i have only been riding for 9 months and i already have over 19000 mile total 4 thousand was on a 2012 ninja 250 and the rest have been on a 2010 zx10 that was brand new. My buddy owns a new 2012 zx6 his first bike. helped him learn how to ride so 3000 miles...