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  1. Bikes 4 Sale
    Clean Illinois title in hand! Receipts for work - professionally installed. Dyno tuned by Fornarelli Motorsports in Saint Charles Ported head Velocity stacks BMC racing air filter Power commander 3 USB Custom tune LeoVince SBK full exhaust Healtech gipro gear indicator Speedohealer v4...
    $6,300 USD
  2. The ZX-10R
    Czy ktoś miał podobny problem? Na pewno nie sprzęgło. Czy to możliwe, że alternator powoduje hałas?
  3. The ZX-10R
    Long story short I was a rebel riding with no insurance, and yes I know stupid idea but its definitely worth it. Basically i got into a not too bad hit and run. I'm fine some bumps and bruises but I'm living. I've decided to try to sell the parts to get the most value but i was surprised that...
  4. Performance and Tech
    What’s up guys I need help trying to understands what’s going on with my fan 1 zx10r. Last night I put in some new sprockets at a friends house when I was riding on my way home right as I pulled in the bike started making a really loud hissing noise and smelling like gas. The engine is sounding...
  5. Performance and Tech
    Hello forum, this is my first post in here, I have a 2004 Zx10r and as I was riding the other day my chain snapped off and today I took everything apart to see the damage and this is the only damage present. Right below the front sprocket there is a cracked piece as you can see in the pictures...
1-8 of 8 Results