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  1. General Motorcycle Discussions
    So after many have viewed my post about zx10 vs zx6 what do you think my next bike should be another zx10 or a 2013 636. I am going to by one or the other brand new.
  2. General Motorcycle Discussions
    So i have a 2010 zx10r. i just hooked up my power commander 5 installed my k&N race filter and have Mgp growler slip on i am currently running the map off the pc website. But when i was out riding it felt really sick in the lower rpms but when i got to the top and let off the gas i was getting a...
  3. Performance and Tech
    Hey I am going to put new plugs in my 06 zx10 and I was wondering what the best plugs would be for maybe alittle performance gain. can anyone help me out.
  4. Performance and Tech
    So i just bought a wrecked 04 ZX10, everything mechanical so far is alright on it, but the bike slid on its right side and pretty much ground off the bottom portion of the Pulser sensor cover, or crank shaft sensor cover, whichever you'd prefer to call it. The gasket didnt get ripped or anything...
  5. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    These normally go for $65.00 each.. I'll take $70.00 for both..
  6. 04 Zx10 The Beast

    04 Zx10 The Beast

    ALOT of mods
  7. Beast By Z06

    Beast By Z06

    My Beast Gen1 in front of my Z06
  8. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    Want to buy 2006 2007 Zx10 motor complete.
  9. Performance and Tech
    I recently acquired a 2007 zx10 I have ordered several parts for it and the only thing i am hesitant about doing with out any instruction is the swing arm extensions. I orderd the roaring toyz extension that come with the chain and break line. If anybody can give any help or instructions with...
  10. Bikes 4 Sale
    Sold!!!!!!!!!! 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R track bike in Asheville, NC I bought it new in February of 2009 without any financing. I'm selling b/c I found myself the owner of a new bike, and I can't ride them both! It's been well maintained, with one low-side in Fall of '09 doing some slight cosmetic...
  11. The ZX-10R
    Hey everyone I have a '07 ZX-10r and wanted to get some advise on the best sounding exhaust, all sites that I have tried to look at are biased to one or the other and sound clips from you-tube are worthless. I am looking for a low meaty sounding exhaust... no high pitched screamers!! Any...
  12. My Baby

    My Baby

  13. The ZX-10R
    I'm pretty bias on this! I said 2012 ZX10R or I HATE saying it a BMW S1000RR?? OR spend $20,000 on the Aprilia RSV4!
  14. Bikes 4 Sale
    Too much power for me. I'm getting another 600.:lol: 2008 ZX10R Like New Condition 4051 Miles One Owner Clean Title in hand Black Frame Sliders Kasasaki Solo Seat Cowl Vesrah RJL Pads Fender Eliminator with turn signals Otherwise all stock $6900
  15. Performance and Tech
    Hi, I have taken my r55 yoshi off my 09zx10 and re-installed the cat and stock exhaust, ran the cables back to the servo and put them on , i would like to no how to set up the tension properly is there an easy way i need some help with this. The servo turns but its straining because one side...
  16. The ZX-10R
    Does something need to be disabled when running this bike on the dyno? I turned the traction control to off. During the dyno run the following lights were blinking. I just notice the FI light was also on. The bike runs fine, no lights or anything.
  17. Performance and Tech
    im going to add nitrous to my 2005 zx10. prob like a 40 dry shot. will my bike have to be tuned for the nitrous or will the ecu be able to adjust and keep up with the nos?
  18. Bknox Zx10r

    Bknox Zx10r

    zx10r 2004
  19. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    Hello everyone.... I'm in search of a working fan for a 04-05 zx10.....if anyone has one that they want to sell...please PM me... Thanks
  20. Bikes 4 Sale
    Posting this up for a friend that bought this bike off of me. He is trying to sell it to buy my 06 off me. Here's the dirty on it. 2004 zx10r: 8,2xx miles Clean title Stainless brake lines front and rear Akrapovic slip GPR damper Rifleman's 1/5th insert 15t front sprocket HID lo/hi beams LED...