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  1. Gen 2: 2006-2007 Need assistance with ECU communication

    The ZX-10R
    So I have some neopixels laying around and I wanted to mod my windscreen to light a certain way at certain speeds and RPM's as well as maybe some homemade datalogging. I was looking at Kawaduino and it's maximum refresh rate on the can is apparently 2hz. How does the tach on our gauge operate so...
  2. Gen 2: 2006-2007 Help needed about rear brake wiring!!!

    The ZX-10R
    I got my bike a few years ago from a guy off this forum... And I have loved every mile on it!! He put on a set of rear sets and my rear break does not activate the rear brake light. So my problem is I can't find the wiring set up for it... I bought a pressure activated switch but I can't find...
  3. Gen 1: 2004-2005 Stator Wire Dilemma

    The ZX-10R
    Thanks in advance for the replies. I recently installed my stator but in the rush i was in i installed it upside down. So the wires had been cut through completely and never worked. On to my question. I can repair these wires but i am wondering the best way to do it? 1. Solder? then heat...