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  1. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Located in OTTAWA, ONTARIO EMAIL: [email protected] paypal available 04-05 ZX10r fairing gauge stay - $40 04-05 ZX10r rear shock - $60 04-05 ZX10r left side mid fairing OEM - $50 04-05 ZX10r - upper left fairing OEM $40 04-05 ZX10r wheels and tires $300 Located in OTTAWA ONTARIO EMAIL...
  2. The ZX-10R
    Scratching my head on this one, any suspension experts? I put some Carrozzeria wheels on. Did other mods to the bike to make it lighter as she is a dedicated race bike (race battery, race fairings...) and now she doesn't feel as nice on the track as before. The fact that the unsprung weight is...
  3. Performance and Tech
    My front wheel is bent left to right.. I need a replacement, but there arent any on ebay at the moment for cheap, so i was wondering what other kawi wheels will fit. Will an 05 636 fit? I have all the bearings and axle from my stock 05 zx10r front wheel, so could I at least swap them out and...
  4. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    SOLD! Gen 2 rims: complete set fr/rr W/TIRES included Perfect shape Gen 2 set; OEM bronze color. Completely ready to roll w/rotors, bearings, wheel weights, Gen 2 OEM Dunlop Qualifiers (with PLENTY of tread life!), etc. Only things needed for your immediate use are your own front and rear...
  5. Polished wheels

    polished wheel lips
  6. Polished wheels

    polished wheel lips
1-6 of 6 Results