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  1. Performance and Tech
    Hi all, just took my 2014 Gen4 to the track for the first time, second owner. I took it for a ride the first time at the track with no head/tail lights and after moving up to about 10-15 mph (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) the yellow FI light would come on, and the ESD light on the dash...
  2. Welcome Newbies!
    Hi Guys! I'm kind of new to the ZX10 world...traded in my old soulmate - a K9 Gixxer 750 a month ago, with a hint of a tear in my eyes, for a black 2012 ZX10R ABS with very low mileage in mint condition. Slapped on a set of Dunlop Sportsmart2's (another sure thing), and went for 2 days on...
1-2 of 4 Results