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  1. Suspension and Tire Tech
    What numbers are you getting/aiming for with stock suspension for spirited street/track? I'll kick off: Front 13.79 mm (0.94 inches) at 1.75 turns preload in, spirited street Rear 41 mm (1.614 inches) at 1 thread preload showing, spirited street Rider with all gear plus tailbag with tools...
  2. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Does the OEM Showa suspension come with top/bottom out springs? Tried researching via the web and found nothing at all on the aftermarket.hitachiastemo.com site :/ Felt like trying to get tech info on Ohlins without being a dealer. Why? I've been tuning my road suspension and reached 19 mm...
  3. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hello everyone! I have a 2012 zx10r that came stock with the Ohlins damper. I was wondering if anyone else picked up a better one. I still manage to get a decent wobble at around 155mph with the damper maxed out. If that’s something that other gen 4 owners have experienced what fixed it? PSA...
  4. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hello was wondering if anyone has ever done a fork service or oil change on the gen 5s. Do you have to remove the nitrogen to complete service the oil? Please let me know if you have any info or where I can find info on the Showa BFF.
  5. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Shock is off of Geoff May's 2016 MotoAmerica Stock 1000 bike, he broke several track records that year. Not saying you will with this shock, but you can try. I will share geometry info from his bike to whoever buys. Will send with extra hyperpro spring, sorry not sure of the rate.
    $500 USD
  6. Performance and Tech
    Hello all, I am looking for information for the ZX10r 08 fork or suspension setups on a stock bike. Is there any information or manuals you can provide me? Best regards
  7. Suspension and Tire Tech
    I’ve been offered a Gen 4 Ohlins TTX (ka 0360) and I’m looking to see if anyone else has done put one on a gen 5? Any issues? Looking at the spec they look to be the same length with the only difference being the length adjustments. +4/-2 for the gen 5 and +6/0 on the gen 4. Any other difference...
  8. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hi I have a 3 gene with Ohlins TTX shock (100N spring) and Ohlins front piston kit (spring 10). I have a problem in the corners, I can not get into the slope and the bike is understeer when I want to cut bend. store front in a Triple is standard and the rear shock absorber + 2mm in length...
  9. Suspension and Tire Tech
    I just bought my 2010 ZX10r from a short guy that lowered the bike with a lowering link. I am looking to raise it back up to stock height, anyone have any decent videos on how to do so? I know I can find stock links on Ebay for around $20 but installing it I am pretty lost
  10. Suspension and Tire Tech
    I thought you might be interested to watch this movie I rustled up to illustrate the suspension on my ZX10 working together.
  11. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    FOR SALE: Penske 8983 (piggy-back) Double clicker Rear Shock. $600 shipped. Sprung for a 175lb rider w/o gear on a 2011+ ZX-10R. I used this in novice racing and Advanced group at trackdays with good success. I sold the bike and don't need the shock anymore. I used this shock for 2 seasons...
  12. The ZX-10R
    Hi Folks, I've been reading these forum for weeks now as a result of getting a 2008 zx10r and really enjoying them. Today I was trying to set sag on the front and I just can get it past 19mm. I've set rebound to nil. I've got 26mm on the rear without any difficulty I'm around 180 ibs in...
  13. The ZX-10R
    Finally pulling the trigger on a front fork rebuild(leaky seals convinced my procrastination to do it).....having the shop install race teck gold valve kit....anyone else do this? It seems i cant get the stock front to not be so harsh even before the leaky seal issue.....200lb rider with gear...
  14. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hey guys, I'm asking for suspension setup advice since I ran out if ideas. I was running a stock setup on track an it felt just fine, however I decided to upgrade my shock to Ohlins (KA345) since it should have been better. Before that I've changed stock 190\50 tire to 190\55 and it still felt...
  15. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I have a rear ohlins rear shock for sale. This shock has a hairline fracture on the upper part of the body. I got estimate to fix it . Approx 100-200 dollars for a weld/ tourch job.. i didnt look into purchasing the acutal part itself. The. Price was depending on if I removed part from shock or...
  16. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I have a Ohlins TTX 36 Rear Shock I need to sell. I ended up getting rid of the bike and don't need it anymore. Used for 2 race weekends this yr. and half a season last yr. Like new condition. $875 shipped to lower 48
  17. The ZX-10R
    Scratching my head on this one, any suspension experts? I put some Carrozzeria wheels on. Did other mods to the bike to make it lighter as she is a dedicated race bike (race battery, race fairings...) and now she doesn't feel as nice on the track as before. The fact that the unsprung weight is...
  18. The ZX-10R
    Just got my 07 new from the dealer last week. Yes, it's new. Picked it up for $7k out the door. Now I need some help from some of the bigger guys on the forum. What suspensions settings are you running that you are happy with for street riding? I put in the Sport Rider settings and they...
  19. The ZX-10R
    I was planning on buying this but I wanted to ask around a little. Is it too basic or do you get some good information? I mean I know how to set sag and play with the rebound and compression somewhat. What I m trying to figure out is, is this DVD set gonna just talk about the basics and tell...
  20. Performance and Tech
    Hey people, I am new to this site, yep first post, I just bought an '04 10R and it did not come with a manual. I am looking for help on what the stock suspension settings from the factory are also I am about 200lbs. I LOVE THIS BIKE!!! Previous ride was an '02 zx6r
1-20 of 24 Results