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  1. The ZX-10R
    Im planning on taking off the cat and the servo cables to add my original exhaust a llittle closer in . Will this cause any power lose or torque. Also the motorcycle is new will this effect its break in in any way?
  2. Performance and Tech
    Hi, I have taken my r55 yoshi off my 09zx10 and re-installed the cat and stock exhaust, ran the cables back to the servo and put them on , i would like to no how to set up the tension properly is there an easy way i need some help with this. The servo turns but its straining because one side...
  3. The ZX-10R
    Right, first off this is only applicable to first gen 10R's as thats what i have and been working off the service manual for. Sorry if it an epic lol just tried to explain everything as clearly as i understand it in my (crazy) head. I've done this research as to run my new airbox (qb carbon...
1-3 of 3 Results