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  1. BMW M1000RR

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    Looks tasty! 44 Teeth - M 1000 RR | All You Need To Know
  2. ZX10R vs S1000RR vs CBR1000RR

    Welcome Newbies!
    Guys, I'm facing a dilemma, I need an advice. In a nutshell my 08 R1 just lost an argument with a daring SUV who pulled out in front of me 2 weeks ago in London :(. Bike is cat D now, and I'm forced to make a decision on a new bike. Had a ZX600 before the R1 and a R125 from when God created...
  3. Irnieracing.com presents: "The Rough Atlantic"

    Irnieracing.com presents: "The Rough Atlantic" http://youtu.be/7oRQFkluOx4?hd=1 Photo Album available on my facebook athlete page. facebook.com/superbikeracer
  4. Irnieracing.com presents: "It's always about fun"

    OMRRA Round 1, Portland International Raceway, April 21-22, 2012 See HD VIDEO: vimeo.com/irnie/fun / http://youtu.be/6UNzPLlum_M Kelowna BC’s Marcel Irnie journeyed to Portland, Oregon to participate in another West Coast race as he prepares for the 2012 Canadian Superbike Championships. The...
  5. My freind want's a literbike?

    The ZX-10R
    I'm pretty bias on this! I said 2012 ZX10R or I HATE saying it a BMW S1000RR?? OR spend $20,000 on the Aprilia RSV4!
  6. EBR1190rs

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    I just read a bit about it and it sounds like there will be a new, pure, buell out on the road at some point. Im kinda interested about how it will stack up against current competion