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  1. Ultimate top speed/track day engine build?

    The ZX-10R
    I'm looking at spending around $6k to get my gen 2 engine built for top speed/track day racing. Mostly focusing on top speed, but I'd like it to be linear enough to use on the twisties.. What would be the best bang for the buck at this point? These are my plans so far: 1. electric water pump 2...
  2. Gen 2: 2006-2007 Reborn at 30k

    The ZX-10R
    Alright. I of course have the Candy Plasma Blue 07 ZX10R. I bought it used from a guy between two and three years ago, can't remember exactly when. It had about 8k miles on it, if memory serves right. Currently, it's somewhere past 28k miles. The oil is about to be changed. The forks are...
  3. 2004 ZX10R Generator Issue!

    The ZX-10R
    without wanting to bore anyone to death I will try and keep it short, however I am practically on my knees begging for help to get this resolved. In Jnauary this year I took my beloved ZX10R out for a spin and cracked the head and did untold amounts of damaged to the head bottom ends and so...
  4. Traxxion Dynamics shock upgrade

    Performance and Tech
    Just sent my OEM 2006 ZX-10R shock to Traxxion Dynamics for a rebuild, revalve and new spring. All in all it is gonna cost around $300 plus shipping so its not bad at all. I am very excited about trying it out and I will definitely let you guys know how it feels when i get it back...