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  1. Performance and Tech
    Hello all, I am looking for information for the ZX10r 08 fork or suspension setups on a stock bike. Is there any information or manuals you can provide me? Best regards
  2. Performance and Tech
    Hi Zx team can anybody explain me in MP how to remove immobilizer on my Gen2 because i prepare it for race and i would like to start just with a switch and remove ignition key switch with antenna, amplifier and wires i have soon apply a strict diet to my harness ;) in fisrt idea, i bought a...
  3. Bikes 4 Sale
    Everything you need to race, nothing u don't! - Kawasaki tune-able kit ecu and race wiring harness (mapped for pump gas or VP T4, U4.4) --> engine braking setting optimized for gears 2 through 4 Kawasaki kit oil catch can Kawasaki kit 23.5 degree rake angle (chaged from 25 degree for track...
  4. Bikes 4 Sale
    Price: SOLD SS Motor built by Farrell Performance. It is pretty fast bike. Woodcraft Clip-ons Woodcraft Engine Covers-left and right Woodcraft GP Shift Rearsets Lightech Chain adjuster with lifter for rear stand Graves slip on SS brake lines Brembo master ohlins race steering damper Vesra...
  5. Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hi I have a 3 gene with Ohlins TTX shock (100N spring) and Ohlins front piston kit (spring 10). I have a problem in the corners, I can not get into the slope and the bike is understeer when I want to cut bend. store front in a Triple is standard and the rear shock absorber + 2mm in length...
  6. The ZX-10R
    Feb. 12, 2016 (Richmond, CA) -Arrow Exhaust proudly announces the release of 15 new exhaust fitments for the 2016 Kawasaki ZX10R. The new ZX10R is Kawasaki’s closest interpretation yet of their World Superbike Championship racing machine. Thanks to extensive race development, the 2016 ZX10...
  7. Bikes 4 Sale
    2015 (near)200 RWHP ZX10R Race or Street - Selling my 2015 ZX10R(s). This one: Model: 2015 30th Anniversary 574 miles Clean / New MSO 197.xx Rear Wheel HP on MR12 - 185 pump (approx. 40 wheel HP more than stock on race fuel!) Leo Vince Carbon muffler- DM mid pipe Venhill green Steel braided...
  8. The ZX-10R
    I'm looking at spending around $6k to get my gen 2 engine built for top speed/track day racing. Mostly focusing on top speed, but I'd like it to be linear enough to use on the twisties.. What would be the best bang for the buck at this point? These are my plans so far: 1. electric water pump 2...
  9. Bikes 4 Sale
    2008 ZX14 7300 miles Streched & Lowered Bike is in Asheville, NC Local Pickup preferred, may ship at buyers expense Call or Text for more details (eight two eight) 280 33o5 $8500 OBO
  10. Bikes 4 Sale
    Hello everyone, I've decided to put my track bike for sale. There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't have the time to ride it as much as I used to. 2009 ZX-6R track bike - $6500 Mods: Factory Racing Kit ECU + Stock ECU Dynojet PC V Fuel Injection Dynojet Quick Shifter (GP Shift) Akrapovic...
  11. The ZX-10R
    I am redoing the lines reservoirs and front calipers on my gen 2. I bought an HRC rear race reservoir kit, but the nipple/fitting on the rear master cylinder is much larger than the tubing in the kit. Is there a way to fit a smaller nipple/fitting to the master, or where can I find bigger tygon...
  12. Bikes 4 Sale
    2009 ZX6R Built to AMA Supersport Spec Rules. I posted this on the 6R forum but figured I would put it up on here too. Ohlins 25mm Cartridges in Forks Ohlins TTX rear shock Ohlins re-valved steering stabilizer SuperSport Motor Bazzaz Z-FI Bazzaz Map Selection Switch Maps for pump, VP MR12, AMA...
  13. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Joe Rocket Speedmaster 5.0 Size 44 Gunmetal / Black Perforated leather Rockets top of the line track day / race jacket 360 zipper for pants, molded intake vents, removable liner and internal pads, ti shoulder plates Never worn - came with bike, could make into race leathers with pants, or...
  14. The ZX-10R
    Who would you recommend? Moto777 and kawasakifairing.com don't have any for the '11 yet, in fact I've found precious little in the way of aftermarket race/track fairings. Tks, A.
  15. Race and Stunt
    Hey guys, I'm sorry to put this in here but i've looked all over for some info on these tires and can honestly say i hadn't found shit on these except for the "street" model so here i am.......... i have 2 bridgestone rear tires a BT-003R Type2 and a BT-003R Type 2 and just wanted to ask if...
  16. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    T2 Digital Adjustable tire warmers & 05-08 ZX6 Puig "2mm" RACE screen for sale .
  17. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I am selling a brand new (never mounted) Bridgestone BT-003 Pro Type 4 190/55-17 DOT Race tire. This is Bridgestone's newest DOT Race tire and it replaces the BT-002 Pro. Asking $175 shipped. Retail price is quite a bit higher than that (around 240 or so with shipping)
  18. Racecraft 19th Oct

    Wanneroo Raceway Barbagallo
  19. Racecraft 19th Oct

    Wanneroo Raceway Barbagallo
  20. Racecraft 19th Oct

    Wanneroo Raceway Barbagallo
1-20 of 21 Results