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  1. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Bought with the intentions of making these fit in my 10r but found out the hard way that these only work for the RR
    $300 CAD
  2. Performance and Tech
    Hi All, I've recently built up a GEN-5 as a track bike, it runs (ish) but I'm having a couple of issues with it. There is a ticking coming from the heading when its running (YouTube link below) and it struggles to start, but ticks over fine once its running (besides the ticking). I have a few...
  3. Bikes 4 Sale
    I am selling my championship winning 08 ZX10R. I won 7 CCS championships on this bike last year. I have $20,000 invested and need to get $10,500. I would like to sell as a whole package, but I may consider putting the bike back stock and selling the aftermarket parts separate. I bought the bike...
1-3 of 3 Results