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  1. The ZX-10R
    Yesterday I installed a new front and rear Dunlop Sportmax GPA. I have heard and read often that these tires are not suitable for street riding or canyon carving as they will not heat up and get sticky. Well it was 55 degrees here yesterday and I rode a few miles kinda breaking them in and then...
  2. The ZX-10R
    The purolator filters at Wally world have a part # L14610. Are these OK since the part # I see pop up normally is PL14610 on here.
  3. Performance and Tech
    so i've searched and searched the forums and cant find anything about what tranny oil has worked in other Gen 4 owners bikes??? i am being told that in order to get better shifts and make it easier to find neutral that i need to change out my oil with some more miles on my bike... but no one has...
  4. Performance and Tech
    will it be ok in an 1st gen i get it for free thats why im asking
  5. Performance and Tech
    i did some hard riding the other day and when i stopped i noticed the side of my bike was covered with oil... it was coming out of the air box... leaking throught the vent hole (clear tube missing)i took the gas tank off and saw the inside of the airbox covered in oil. took the airbox off and 2...
  6. The ZX-10R
    I have an 04 zx10r with about 14,000 miles on it. I have noticed the past few times that I have rode the bike there is the slightest bit of oil leaking out of the left side of the engine near the top of the engine. Anyone have a clue as to why this might be happening? I am taking it in for...
  7. Performance and Tech
    My 2007 Z10 is burning 1Ltr of oil ever 1000klm, my dealer tells me this is not excessive and doesn't warrant an engine strip down. You cant see any blue smoke and there is no seemingly loss of power but the consumption seems a bit heavy to me:dontknow: Whats your thoughts
  8. Welcome Newbies!
    Let me just say upfront for all the smartasses, save it. If you're not here to help go back to your porn. I have a 2004 ZX-10R. Yeah, yeah, I know. I should know how to do these things by now but, I've always played it safe, saved my time and taken it to the shop. My bike has to be shipped...
1-8 of 8 Results