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    Hello Folks, I am somewhat new to the site, I had previously owned a 07 zx10r which got stolen, then with the insurance money I decided to step up the game and got a 2014 zx10r / ABS; it is my first ever brand new bike and would like to know what is the best way to break in the bike. I read in...
  2. Welcome Newbies!
    Try 2, for some reason the first post didn't post! Hi all, so i just bought a 2005 ZX-10r! I was riding the dragon 3 weeks back and went down! my Honda VTR1000f (Superhawk) hit hard and well it was never my dream bike, but man did I love that twin torque! So I looked for a new bike.. this...
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    I just read a bit about it and it sounds like there will be a new, pure, buell out on the road at some point. Im kinda interested about how it will stack up against current competion