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  1. Sato Racing Rearsets for ZX10R

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    Sato Racing rearsets are premium components for the most discerning of motorcycle riders. The fit and finish of every piece is immaculate with absolutely no rough edges anywhere, few tooling marks and an overall logical layout. Parts are sculpted from high-quality, lightweight aluminum alloys...
  2. Vortex Kawasaki ZX10R Adjustable Rearset Footpegs

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    Vortex Racing Component’s motorcycle rearsets are designed for the racetrack with the input Vortex has received from professional and amateur teams alike. It is from this information that the Florida-based company has constantly evolved their products with the feedback they’ve received from...
  3. Gilles AS31GT Kawasaki ZX10R Rearsets

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    Conceived in the spirit of ruthless German efficiency (though they’re actually made in Luxemburg), Gilles AS31GT rearsets are machined from billet aluminum and are tumble-polished before being hard anodized for a superb finish that’ll stand up to years of abuse on the road with ease. They are...
  4. Vortex Motorcycle Rearsets

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    Vortex rearsets have been in constant evolution since the company opened their doors back in the nineties. The old footpegs that were known for destroying the soles of your boots are gone. In fact, they’re now on their third generation peg which, while still grippy, doesn’t shred boots as much...