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  1. Performance and Tech
    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2011 Gen 4 and I am stoked to remove the cat underneath this bike. I currently have a leovince SBK titanium slip on and just bought a Laser midpipe. My question would be, how harmfull could would it be to replace the cat with the midpipe without finetuning...
  2. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Fellas, I'm cleaning out my garage and would like to lighten up a bit. All items were either purchased for or off of my '09 zx10. I've got a stock light smoke windscreen - mildly used - $30 shipped Stock seat - great shape, no tears, no fading, little over 3,000 miles - $100 shipped SpeedoDRD...
1-2 of 2 Results