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marcel irnie

  1. IrnieRacing WMRRA RD:2 600 Supersport HD 720p Race video.

    Hello fellow racers and enthusiasts. Part 1: Irnieracing WMRRA RD:2 600 Supersport HD Race video. "After the race footage, I patrol the pits on my bmx bike and interview Oliver Jervis, and Kirtan Hayes. " http://vimeo.com/4664240 Part 2: WMRRA 750ss + 600sb + interviews, May 9...
  2. IrnieRacing AMSOIL HD presents WMRRA 750 SS, April 4, 2009

    Pictures and Videos
    Marcel Irnie races superbikes in Seattle with the WMRRA. Race Class: 750 Supersport IrnieRacing Bike: 2008 zx6r Starting position: Grid row 5 HD Camera: Canon HG21 with tank mount. 600 Supersport http://vimeo.com/4064704 750 Supersport http://vimeo.com/4105479 600...
  3. IrnieRacing HD presents ThunderBird Rally 2009, British Columbia

    Pictures and Videos
    Driver: Marcel Irnie Navigator: Jon Smith Date: February 7/8, 2009 Vehicle: IrnieRacing AMSOIL Miata Racecar The Thunderbird Rally is a winter driving adventure through snow and ice covered back roads in the British Columbia interior. Following the Thunderbird route is simple, but staying out...