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  1. My ZX10R '19

    The ZX-10R
    finally my motorcycle ZX10R Non ABS will be just a track motorcycle. We installed a complete AKRAPOVIC system and Conti Race Attack tires, today is my first day of training and circuit learning.
  2. My First Post My first 1000.

    Welcome Newbies!
    Hello everyone Just bought a 07 zx10 And I love it so far. I've had such a blast first time riding a zx10. I'm just coming from my 05 zx6 which i still have and will keep. I picked up the bike roughly just a week ago and however needs a little work and hoping i can find someone who can help me...
  3. 2017 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14r ZX1400 ZZR

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    2017 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14r ZX1400 ZZR On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Kawasaki-Ninja/323990140024?
  4. 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

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    2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Kawasaki-Ninja/143446754147?
  5. Gen 4: 2011-2015 Ignition Switch Removal

    The ZX-10R
    Hey guys... Someone tried to steal my bike Christmas morning around 4 AM, and they completely destroyed my ignition switch. I have the new one already, so I just need to find the best way about going in there and replacing it.
  6. Gen 4: 2011-2015 2014 ZX10-R Race bike

    Bikes 4 Sale
    Price: SOLD SS Motor built by Farrell Performance. It is pretty fast bike. Woodcraft Clip-ons Woodcraft Engine Covers-left and right Woodcraft GP Shift Rearsets Lightech Chain adjuster with lifter for rear stand Graves slip on SS brake lines Brembo master ohlins race steering damper Vesra...
  7. Gen 2: 2006-2007 MINT 1200mi Green 07'ZX10, NEW!!

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  8. Right Side

    Right Side

    2012 Kawasaki ZX10-R, Green/Black, DynoJet Power Commander 5, DynoJet Auto-Tuner, DynoJet Quick Shifter, Arata Slip-On, MRA Screen, 176 HP on rear wheel. Tuned by DynoJet Technician was. Tuned for mid-range instead of top-end. It's a love affair!
  9. Gen 4: 2011-2015 Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Template

    The ZX-10R
    Hi Guys I am busy preparing my track fairing for next year. I have already done a mock-up using a wire diagram I found. I am looking for a full scale template of the bike's fairings in order for me to put the design on it. I want to use this to cut out the pieces so that I can stick them on...
  10. For Sale Graves slip-on for 2012 zx-10r

    Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I have a Carbon fiber graves exhaust slip-on with titanium link pipe. I had the pipe on my 2012 zx10r for about a year. The bike was dropped and it dented the end cap on the slipon but that's all. I just bought an Austin Racing pipe and just want to sell the graves to get funds to buy a...
  11. For Sale 2009 ZX-6R Track Bike - fully loaded - $7000 (Ormond Beach, FL)

    Bikes 4 Sale
    Hello everyone, I've decided to put my track bike for sale. There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't have the time to ride it as much as I used to. 2009 ZX-6R track bike - $6500 Mods: Factory Racing Kit ECU + Stock ECU Dynojet PC V Fuel Injection Dynojet Quick Shifter (GP Shift) Akrapovic...
  12. 2006 Zx10r

    2006 Zx10r

  13. 2006 Zx10r

    2006 Zx10r

  14. 2006 Zx10r

    2006 Zx10r

  15. Gen 1: 2004-2005 Official Gen 1 alternator failure poll

    Performance and Tech
    Okay, so not only is Kawasaki failing to tell me the vin series of the '04 models with the old alternator design, they can't even tell me how many total '04 models were even produced! It's so sketchy when a company seems this secretive. For christs sake, I can google how many Camaros were made...
  16. For Sale 2009 ZX14 Monster Edition for sale

    Bikes 4 Sale
    2009 ZX-14 Special Monster Edition aka Hayabusa Killer for sale Very fast bike it has Roaring Toyz short exhaust VERY VERY loud will totally break necks also has Power Commander V serious buyers only contact Freddie @ Ate17-905-455Ate asking for $8, 999 only has 7,427 miles Great condition...
  17. For Sale 2003 Kawi ZRX 1200R (SoCal)

    Bikes 4 Sale
    SOLD Rare and in Xlnt condition. $5600 Less than 14,000 original miles. Original paint with clear vinyl on tank and tail. Never down, never tracked. With many extras: -Renthal bars w/bar clamp blue-anodized -Pazzo shorty levers blue-anodized -Custom Billet Radiator Supports blue anodized...
  18. Gen 4: 2011-2015 UK only - Ride a Ninja ZX-10R get FREE MCN’s

    The ZX-10R
    From Kawasaki UK web site: http://www.kawasaki.co.uk/offer.asp?Id=3409594ABBC Test Ride a Ninja ZX-10R on 30 & 31 JULY and get FREE MCN’s Simply ride and review a Ninja ZX-10R demonstrator at your local Kawasaki dealer and get a massive six weeks of MCNs completely and utterly free of charge...
  19. Kawasaki 2001 Zx-10r Abs

    Kawasaki 2001 Zx-10r Abs

    With akrapovic slip on and link pipe
  20. Kawasaki paint codes

    Welcome Newbies!
    I've had trouble finding some codes before, but stumbled across this site. It has many listed that color rite doesent. http://www.twowheelparts.nl/en/paint/colorpaint/kawasaki/