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ignition switch locks

  1. Gen 3: 2008-2010 ZX10R buzzing

    The ZX-10R
    Hey everybody new to the forum but long time Kawi owner. I have that same noise that has been discussed time and time again, at around 3800 rpm and until 4500 rpm in every gear there is a metallic buzzing, sound. When I put my hand on my key and that black ring it completely goes away. I tried...
  2. Gen 4: 2011-2015 Ignition switch lock set /gas cap/seat release for sale. Brand new take offs.

    Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Off new bike, prepped for track. Comes with ignition switch, both OEM keys, gas cap and seat release lock. All are perfect. Asking $120.00 plus shipping if not local buyer.