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  1. The ZX-10R
    Has anyone put HID's in their 2016 yet ? If so what company did you go with ? and anything special do i need to know about the install ?
  2. The ZX-10R
    First off everything for this mod was from TheRetrofitSource.com, i would give them a 10 of 10 for service. every question i had was answered with sound advice. on top of that quality is unmatched when it comes to the parts. i spent months researching what i wanted to do, everything i read said...
  3. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    looking for a broken headlight assembly for parts in a HID retrofit. really all I'm looking for is the reflectors! already in for a pretty penny so the cheaper the better.
  4. The ZX-10R
    has anyone installed morimoto mini bi-xenon hids in your gen 4? I'm looking at picking up a set from theretrofitsource.com i have also looked at btmoto.com, however they appear to be a generic brand. whats nice about the btmoto is it appears to come with a new black reflector/adjustment plate...
  5. The ZX-10R
    I'm looking to upgrade lighting, I'm thinking morimoto mini from TRS. been searching and can't find much advice on what setup to run. Has anyone put these in, if so what did you use? HIDs good or bad on a bike, I'm a bit worried with the cutoff line leaned over in the corners. Pictures, advice...
  6. The ZX-10R
    When I turn the bike on the low beam flickers and then turns completely off, same thing with the high beam. It started with low and then a few weeks after the high started doing the same thing. The YouTube link below is a video of what happens when I turn the bike on. Any help or suggestions...
  7. Performance and Tech
    I went to turn on my bike (05 zx10r) the other day and noticed that the blue high beam indicator was not working. So I checked the lights in front and neither were lit. I checked the fuse and it was blown so I replaced it but this did nothing. Any suggestions? Running DDM HID's for about a...
  8. General Motorcycle Discussions
    My buddy and I put HID's on our bikes. Mine works fine on my Gen 4 but his 636 is blowing fuses. It blew the fuse (10 amp) when we first put them in. Then we went riding after replacing and it blew another. So we took a ride to auto zone and picked up more fuses. We decided to put a 15 amp...
  9. The ZX-10R
    I just installed the DDM Tuning HID kit. It is awesome bright! Here's my problem - when riding with both lights, all road signs are lit up BRIGHT AS HELL. I have to respectfully lower my eyes or my vision is toast! I went to HIDs because I wanted the road lit up bright, and now it is too damn...
  10. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I'm parting out my '06's farkles in prep for a sale and before I hit Fleabay I had to put these out to my forum brothers. I have a ton of sh*t hence the "Part 1" title, more will be coming later as I get things together for shipping and clean the garage. A&R lowbeam HID kit New = 84.99 + 3...
  11. 06 HID

    HID Low and High Beam at 30 Feet from a wall
  12. 06 HID

    HID Low and High Beam at 30 Feet from a wall
  13. OEM 06 HID Kit 8000K Low Beam and Halogen High Beam

    This is a 06 10R with a 8000K Bulb and H9 High Beam on.
  14. OEM 06 HID Kit 8000K Green 10...

    This is a 06 10R with a 8000K Bulb
  15. OEM 06 HID Kit 8000K

    This is a 06 10R with a 8000K Bulb
  16. OEM 06 Halogen

    THis is a 06 10R shown with OEM Bulbs
  17. OEM 06 Bulb on wall

    THis is a 06 10R shown with OEM Bulbs
1-17 of 19 Results