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  1. Gen 3: 2008-2010 Shoei RF1100 or Shoei Quest?

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    Looking for a new helmet, tried Aria didn't fit my head, Bell also didn't fit right. I narrowed my search to the Shoei RF1100 and Shoei Quest, they both fit good but the quest is more comfortable, I read that the Quest is a touring helmet and I ride a street bike (2010 ZX10R se). Does anybody...
  2. Shoei X-Twelve B-Boz Ben Bostrom Replica Helmet

    Riders Discount
    The Ben Bostrom “B-Boz” Replica X-Twelve from Shoei helmets is now available. This Snell M2010-approved helmet is made with five different shell sizes to fit their entire size range from X-Small to XX-Large for maximum safety and an ideal fit for every user. The B-Boz Replica X-12 comes with a...