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  1. The ZX-10R
    What’s going on my fellow rippers! New member here. On my second 10 now, upgraded from a 2010. I’ve never really messed with electrical so cut me some slack lol. I’m wanting to upgrade my headlight bulbs to LEDs and just wondering if anybody has any input from personal experience. Looking for...
  2. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I got 2 Zx10r headlights for sale. I got one that has a broken cover on the left side. Both sides still work. It has no broken tabs at all and has both bulbs. Also, I have a second headlight that has a clean cover on the left side. It has broken tabs on both sides. With a little work, the...
  3. Performance and Tech
    I went to turn on my bike (05 zx10r) the other day and noticed that the blue high beam indicator was not working. So I checked the lights in front and neither were lit. I checked the fuse and it was blown so I replaced it but this did nothing. Any suggestions? Running DDM HID's for about a...
1-3 of 3 Results