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  1. Progrip 725 evo or other?

    The ZX-10R
    Hi all - has anyone put progrip 725's on? Or what other grips are a "blingy" with out being over the top? Pics woulf be helpful. Ta
  2. Driven Racing Clip-On Handlebars

    Riders Discount
    Designed and manufactured in the USA, Driven Racing components have become more prominent this year due to the quality of construction in their parts. Driven clip-ons are no exception to this fact. The clamps are manufactured from CNC-machined 7075-T6 aluminum while the bars us 6061 aluminum...
  3. Renthal 2nd Generation Road Racing 50mm Clip-On Handlebars

    Riders Discount
    We’ve been a big believer in Renthal Road Racing Clip-On handlebars ever since they became available in the USA last summer. Just like their excellent motocross handlebars, the alignment marks were a very helpful touch for setting up everything the controls on our bikes. But, when we were...
  4. Renthal Road Racing Clip-On Handlebars

    Riders Discount
    Developed in conjunction with the Kawasaki World Superbike Team, Renthal created these clip-ons in the same way they do their motocross handlebars – with precisely-aligned marks EVERYWHERE! The laser-etched notches on both the clamps and the handlebars make lining up clip-ons quick, easy and...