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  1. Irnieracing.com Center of Gravity Photos!

    Pictures and Videos
    IrnieRacing Center of Gravity 2011 photo album available at Irnieracing.com Samantha makes this uncompetitive bike look fast... very fast! Ashley shows us why Kelowna is the best place in Canada. "The California of Canada!" I always say. The Steve Romaniuk COG Dirt Zone is Off The...
  2. Girls Modeling With Bikes I have put graphics on!

    Adult Content - Photos / Videos - N.W.S.
    I put this post in NWS just in case... but really im just showing some vinyl graphics and photoshop work off. Let me know what you think, or let me know if you need something. I have more bikes on www.myspace.com/infamousgraphix. (more to come too, Digital ZX-10R, Repsol CBR-1000RR and a RedBull...
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  4. funny stuff

    funny stuff

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    Gotta love daytona