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  1. How To...
    So I’ve been scouring over the part numbers for the new bike vs the gen 5. Among other things it looks like the only difference in transmissions is the gears themselves, and only inputs 2-6, and outputs 2-6. From gearing commander I’m seeing New 2nd gear no change New 3rd gear gains 4mph New...
  2. Performance and Tech
    Wanting to know what a good gearing setup for highway riding, wanting lower rpms since I already have a loud exhuast. Current setup is 17, 40
  3. Strip
    Purchased a gen 2 this winter and just got it on the dyno the other day. The bike made 168hp @ 12,500rpm and 77 ft lbs @ 10,500rpm. Based on these numbers what's size sprockets do you guys feel like would be best? Street and strip bike 1/8th and 1/4 mile. Thanks in advance for any helpful info!