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  1. The ZX-10R
    So I have some neopixels laying around and I wanted to mod my windscreen to light a certain way at certain speeds and RPM's as well as maybe some homemade datalogging. I was looking at Kawaduino and it's maximum refresh rate on the can is apparently 2hz. How does the tach on our gauge operate so...
  2. The ZX-10R
    Hello, Did anyone install the Trail Tech Vapor gauges on their bike? I'm considering going with that option for my street fighter but I can't find anything on the web where someone would put those on the zx10r. I read some good reviews about them on a sv650. Any opinions? Maybe other brands...
  3. The ZX-10R
    One of the biggest complaints I had about my 2008 ZX-10 was the angle of the gauges from the factory. They're almost straight up and down and face almost straight backwards. Unless you're a 110lb jockey and you're sitting on the very back of the seat with your chin on the tank, you can't see...
1-3 of 3 Results