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fuel pump

  1. Gen 5: 2016- Tank Vent Hose Troubleshoot

    The ZX-10R
    Does anyone else have a hard time accessing/removing the tank vent hose (the smaller diameter hose on the left side)? I am able to get the hose on and off but in the end I take up 5-10 agonizing minutes, crush and scrape my hand, and further reduce hose clamp efficiency. Has anyone been able to...
  2. Gen 1: 2004-2005 Question about which Fuel pump will fit?

    The ZX-10R
    My fuel pump on my bike is going bad. I have an 05 zx10r with 13K miles and basically my bike maxes out at 73 mph. It is bgetting worse. When i try to floor it, it acts like there is rev limiter. Does the 06/07 and 08 fuel pump fit on the 05 zx10r? I noticed all their part numbers are 49040...
  3. 1st Gen help, Not starting

    Performance and Tech
    Ok, so since my wreck 3 yrs ago, the bike has basically been in storage. I had the frame checked and it was good. So now, I'm all gun-ho about fixing it and doing a track day this weekend. So I go about ordering a bunch of stuff. I lost count how much. Anyway, I figure, the hell with it, while...
  4. Stalled going down the highway wtf pls help

    The ZX-10R
    Road out to Topeka to watch the AMA Tornado Nationals at Hartland Park yesterday. Decent ride, a little windy. Anyway, on the way home ran my buddies R1 a couple time (outran him both times:lol:) and after the second run up to 150 or so my FI light came on and the bike stalled. Would not...