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  1. Performance and Tech
    ...aka: The Baller on a Budget Build :badteeth: Well, this project is starting to roll, so I'll post up progress as I go along. The short term goal is to have a 10psi, pump gas, water/meth injected set-up on a stock motor until something breaks, and then put in the mildly built (pistons, rods...
  2. Bikes 4 Sale
    Selling or Trading my 2006 Honda CBR1000RR. I recently dynoed this bike at Steve's Superbikes and Skies putting down 156hp. On the same dyno my buddies 09 CBR put down 154hp. Has a Power Commander with a custom dyno map tuned to the unique Titanium Ladybird GP exhaust. Horsepower aside there...
  3. General Motorcycle Discussions
    I would like to start by saying i have only been riding for 9 months and i already have over 19000 mile total 4 thousand was on a 2012 ninja 250 and the rest have been on a 2010 zx10 that was brand new. My buddy owns a new 2012 zx6 his first bike. helped him learn how to ride so 3000 miles...
  4. My 2005 Kawi Zx10r

    Nothing special, power commander, Sato slipon, velocity stacks, Michelin Pilot Powers, K&N Filter.
  5. My 2001 Kawasaki ZX6R

    Again, this is another picture of my '01 Kawasaki ZX6R that's for sale.. I love this bike. It's one of the most beautiful factory colors I've ever seen!
  6. My '01 ZX6R

    This is my 2001 Kawasaki ZX6R, which is currently for sale.. $4500 cash!
1-6 of 8 Results