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  1. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    Gen 1 -looking for genuine carbon fiber front center fairing, tail light cover fairing, and fairing in between front and rear seat. Preferably in perfect condition
  2. General Motorcycle Discussions
    Plan to carbon skin my headlight fairing. Also plan to remove my mirrors and put some bar ends😊 so without needing to buy mirror block offs would it be okay to cover the holes entirely and not screw the bolts back in on where the original stock mirrors are supposed to be bolted on? Would it be...
  3. The ZX-10R
    Does anyone know where I can get a diagram/guide to what fairing bolts go where? I ordered a new bolt kit for my 06 since the guy i got it from half-assed the fairings he put on it and its missing half of the bolts pretty much. Im just trying to see if anyone has that in a PDF or can email it to...
  4. The ZX-10R
    Hi Guys I am busy preparing my track fairing for next year. I have already done a mock-up using a wire diagram I found. I am looking for a full scale template of the bike's fairings in order for me to put the design on it. I want to use this to cut out the pieces so that I can stick them on...
  5. The ZX-10R
    So, I got into a bit of a scuffle with the pavement last year. Did some damage to my body and to my bike as well. Long story short; virtually every piece of plastic on my 2008 ZX10r is damaged and I need a new set! I've looked at buying OEM replacements from bike shops and online. Lots of...
  6. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    I'm trying to patch the turn signal holes in my body work. I need scrap, crashed, wrecked, cracked gen 2 body work, or pieces of the body work to fill the front and rear turn signal holes. Donations of scraps would be nice! :occasion1
  7. The ZX-10R
    I'm new to the forum as you can see so take it easy on me Haha! I bought my first zx10 a few weeks ago. I have a 2010 and its a fun bike but its verrrry fugly to look at from the front imo. I love the look of gen2 front bodywork tho. I always loved the wider looking zx seeing how I'm a bigger...
  8. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Orange (04) Plastics/bodywork - Lots of stuff OEM Orange Plastics all off my 04 ZX-10R 1st Gen. Took them off because I have full race plastics. I may need a few days after purchase, to ship the parts. I'm in the middle of a move, and it's incredibly time intensive. They will come WITH the...
  9. The ZX-10R
    anyone tried these? tempted to get a set just wondering if it is worth the 850 bucks for it. any input will help http://www.nicecycle.com/2003-to-2005-Fairings-s/67.htm
  10. The ZX-10R
    Who would you recommend? Moto777 and kawasakifairing.com don't have any for the '11 yet, in fact I've found precious little in the way of aftermarket race/track fairings. Tks, A.
  11. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Allright, Here we go. Nothing here is perfect, but I don't need these items taking up space in my house anymore since I no longer own the 10. All items are free + packaging/shipping unless otherwise noted. So let me know what you need, and we'll work it out. What's shown is what's left, with...
  12. The ZX-10R
    Hi, I'm trying to remove the upper right (offside) fairing panel of my '04 10R to get to my radiator and I'm stuck. The manual says the final stage is to remove the 'Studs' (see attached 'Manual' picture), but on my bike the final thing that is seemingly securing the upper fairing is two...
  13. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Time to sell off the extras lying around. These are all for a 1st gen. All prices include shipping. Inner fairings: left and right. good condition - no cracks, all tabs good. $55 shipped (both). Upper center fairing: Orange. like new condition. less than 200 miles on it. $90 shipped.
  14. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    Hey Guys, Looking for a OEM under tail piece, any color will do must be in good shape - no cracks. I need a complete (left and right) lower fairing as well - must be in good shape too. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Zach B. 781.812.8786
1-14 of 16 Results