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  1. The ZX-10R
    Did the air flapper mod months ago, left the actuator in, no check engine light! I recently did another tear down and accidentally threw the actuator away. How would you suggest bypassing the check engine light until my eliminator plug comes in? I know resistors can be used but I’ve never used...
  2. Performance and Tech
    This is the first time I'm doing a full race bodywork bike, but the owner wants the stock harness intact. Usually I always go to the Kit ECU and harness. My question is; how many - if any - of the emission systems can I remove without throwing codes? I have a feeling I can pull most stuff...
  3. The ZX-10R
    So, I purchased a gas tank off a 49 state zx10r and was wondering if I can go ahead and install it as long as I get rid of the Kleen air system on the Cali bike. Now the reason I ask is because the thread on how to do the kleen air mod says we should keep the hose(blue line) as a vent, but the...
1-3 of 3 Results