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  1. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    Hi, I’m looking for GEN5 Dynojet Ignition Module at a reasonable price?
  2. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    04-05 ZX10R Power Commander III P/N: 212-411 I pulled the Dynojet Power Commander III out of my bike, no room with the mods I have done. It's in good condition, but will have to be set up once you put it on your bike. The software is all online. Located in Central, Mass 01524 Price: $150...
  3. Right Side

    2012 Kawasaki ZX10-R, Green/Black, DynoJet Power Commander 5, DynoJet Auto-Tuner, DynoJet Quick Shifter, Arata Slip-On, MRA Screen, 176 HP on rear wheel. Tuned by DynoJet Technician was. Tuned for mid-range instead of top-end. It's a love affair!
  4. Performance and Tech
    I purchased my brand new out of the crate 08' ZX-10R back in August and since then I have been increasingly interested in tuning the bike myself. I currently have an Area P slip-on, PC3, Ignition Module, Ivans TRE, and the Ivans tune to match. I currently do a lot of tuning on my DSM and have a...
  5. Riders Discount
    The Bazzaz Z-AFM Self-Mapping Kit provides a cost-effective alternative to dyno-tuning after every change you make to your motorcycle such as the installation of a new exhaust or changing the air filter. In addition to this, you can have an ideal map ready for your motorcycle no matter the...
  6. Riders Discount
    Now available from Bazzaz Performance Design, the QS4 USB stand alone quick shifter system brings quicker acceleration and lower lap times to you at a reasonable price without the need to purchase any additional components. The Bazzaz QS4 works with both, your motorcycle’s stock ECU and any...
  7. Riders Discount
    The Bazzaz Performance Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit is a simple plug and play device that piggy-backs onto your bike’s OEM ECU. There is no cutting or permanent modification to your bike’s wire harness required. It literally fits in the tail section of your motorcycle and plugs into your bike with a...
  8. Riders Discount
    The Power Commander V is an evolutionary design that takes the capabilities of the previous Power Commander III USB and builds on those in a simple, easy to use manner. Smaller than the previous version, with the PC-V the user may make fuel value adjustments without the bike running or needing a...
1-8 of 9 Results